GEC-3: Making a Racket for a Charitable Cause

At Green Earth Commercial Contracting, our commitment to building extends beyond construction sites; it reaches our communities’ hearts. We were happy to participate in the “Paddle for a Purpose” Pickleball Tournament organized by the Safety Harbor Rotary Noon Club.

The tournament wasn’t just about the swift back-and-forth on the pickleball court but about rallying for a cause. The event, which raises funds for the Safety Harbor Rotary Noon Club, aligns seamlessly with Green Earth’s values. As proud members of this internationally renowned charitable organization, with its 118-year legacy, it epitomizes our firm’s spirit of service.

Green Earth was a court sponsor for this exciting tournament. President Rick Wilson and Assistant Project Manager/Superintendent Orlando Rivas teamed up to put away their hard hats for a day and pick up a paddle to showcase their sporting spirit. It might have been their first time wielding a pickleball paddle, but their representation echoed the essence of our team – dedication, teamwork, and a willingness to take on new challenges.


Vice President Mike Akerson added to the cheer, enthusiastically rallying behind our team. Our involvement in the tournament was a celebration of community, camaraderie, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact.

The core of Green Earth’s ethos, encapsulated in the hashtag #BMR (Building Meaningful Relationships), is not confined to construction sites. Its reverberated through events like these, extending our focus on meaningful relationships beyond clients to one another and the larger community.

GreenEarth will continue to use our time, talents, and resources as powerful tools for making a positive difference in constructing a better, more connected society. Stay alert to our other initiatives by visiting our News section.