General Contractor, Retail

Indian Creek Plaza – Facade Renovation

After being impacted by a hurricane, the Indian Creek Plaza decided to restore and modernize. Green Earth undertook this exciting retail facade renovation project in Ft. Myers, focusing on three freestanding buildings. The renovation involved a comprehensive transformation of the facades, incorporating new tower features, canopies, lighting, and a coastal-themed color scheme. Green Earth also implemented a unique landscaping and irrigation package to enhance the overall coastal feel, creating a refreshing and inviting atmosphere for the plaza. The project aims to revitalize the retail area, giving it a vibrant coastal aesthetic while improving the overall visual appeal. Through meticulous planning and execution, Green Earth will deliver a renovated facade that brings a touch of coastal charm to the Ft. Myers retail plaza, providing an enhanced experience for visitors and tenants alike. This project is to be completed by the end of January 2024.