General Contractor, Industrial

Foundry Seaboard Industrial Building Renovation


Green Earth completed the renovation of the Foundry Seaboard industrial building, achieving remarkable results within a tight timeframe. The project involved various tasks, such as completing the interior slab and exterior wall sealants, including the wet glazing of windows, before repainting the expansive 445,000-square-foot building. Green Earth’s efficient execution ensured the entire renovation was accomplished in six weeks. Additionally, as part of the project, Green Earth provided and installed chain-link fence demising walls within the building while carefully coordinating with the tenant’s deliveries and daily operations. This level of coordination and attention to detail allowed for a smooth workflow and minimal disruption to the tenant’s activities. The Foundry Seaboard industrial building renovation, stands as a testament to Green Earth’s expertise in delivering quality results while meeting strict timelines and addressing the unique needs of the client and their operations.