Cultivating Success: The Heart of Teamwork at Green Earth

In today’s ever-shifting construction industry, Green Earth recognizes the importance of measuring our success, not on how many structures we build but on the relationships we foster and the culture we cultivate. Three of our integral team members, Andres Marquez, Orlando Rivas, and Rhonda Ward-Mayard, shed light on the essence of teamwork and the unique culture that sets Green Earth apart.

Andres – Thornton’s was A Testament to Teamwork

Andres recounts the success of Thornton’s kitchen remodel project, where teamwork was pivotal. From constant communication with project managers to the supportive leadership team, the project, under immense pressure, felt seamless. This exemplifies how Green Earth integrates teamwork and company values for success. “You’ll always feel you’re part of a diverse family that understands the construction process, and its people are unified to deliver their client dreams,” he shares. 

Orlando – Building Meaningful Relationships

For Orlando, the core of Green Earth’s culture is encapsulated in the hashtag #BMR, meaning “Building Meaningful Relationships.” He emphasizes the positive energy that permeates the workplace: “The culture here at Green Earth Commercial Contracting is positive energy all striving together as one to stay humble, in a fast-paced industry.” What contributes to their success? “We appreciate all our interaction with our subcontractors and clients,” he describes. The ethos of “Work hard, Play hard” resonates, creating a harmonious, fast-paced environment.

Rhonda – Integrity and Team Dynamics

Rhonda emphasizes the foundational role of integrity at Green Earth, embodied by leaders Rick and Mike. Their enthusiasm and confidence in project selections, vendors, and client relationships define the company’s core. Teamwork, she notes, is evident daily, both internally and externally, fostering meaningful relationships. The sense of unity is palpable when deadlines approach or personal challenges arise.

Green Earth is proud to have outstanding professionals supporting our objectives and mantra. They are what make Green Earth the success it is, and we appreciate them greatly. 

Green Earth’s commitment to integrity, building meaningful relationships, and fostering a family atmosphere stands as a testament to its unique culture, shaping structures and the lives of those who contribute to its success. As Rhonda aptly puts it, “I challenge any company in any industry to try to live up to the standards set by GEC-3.” If you want a unique partner in your project contact us or ir your looking to truly grow as a professional, apply today.